Focus and Scope

Mutawasith: Jurnal Hukum Islam is a journal that publishes current original research on Islamic law and its development, both in the form of the results of research, conceptual ideas, literature review, and;Book review

The scope of Mutawasith: Jurnal Hukum Islam: concept, theory, history, Islamic Jurisprudence (qawaid/ushul fiqh), islamic law philosophy, islamic law researsch methodology, islamic family law, islamic state law, sharia financial institution, islamic economic law philosophy, islamic bank law, Sharia Macro and Micro Economics, Modern Developments in Islamic Economic Law, islamic economic law in the world, Legal Aspects in Islamic Finance, and the issue of cotemporary islamic economic law, islamic criminal and political law, hadith criminal, islamic constitutional law, sakat and Waqf Law (ziswaf), and the issue of cotemporary islamic law.