• Sartono Sartono Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Miftahul Huda Al-Azhar (STAIMA)
  • Lilis D. Hadaliah IAILM Tasikmalaya
Keywords: Akad, murabahah, consumptive goods


Sales-based Akad Murabahah is expected to be a system solution for the results that
tend to be high risk. The profit-making in front is actually valid and true according to Sharia,
because Murabahah is a sales-based contract which means something oriented real.
Research aims: 1) analyzing the activities of financial services developed by BMT Al-Amanah
Ciawi Tasikmalaya 2) analyzing consumptive products that can be facilitated by BMT AlAmanah Ciawi Tasikmalaya, 3) analyzing application Akad Murabahah in BMT Al-Amanah
Ciawi Tasikmalaya This research uses qualitative descriptive methods with the type of field
research with inductive logic, namely observation of depiction and systematic data parsing.
To help with data collection using observation methods, interviews, and documentation.
Data analysis tools are qualitative descriptive. The result can be concluded: 1) The financial
services activities in BMT Al-Amanah Ciawi Tasikmalaya are: financial storage and financial
services financing. 2) Consumptive product financing using the product of Ba'i alMusawwamah which is an application of Akad Murabahah, there are some provisions
regarding the desired product or needed. 3). BMT Al-Amanah Ciawi Tasikmalaya
implements the concept of trading contract (Murabahah) into 2 financing products namely
Murabahah products which is a product of goods financing or productive products


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Sartono, S. and D. Hadaliah, L. 2018. APLIKASI AKAD MURABAHAH PADA PORUDUK KONSUMTIF. Mutawasith: Jurnal Hukum Islam. 1, 1 (Jun. 2018), 35-52. DOI:https://doi.org/10.47971/mjhi.v1i1.131.